Sunset Lodge on Red Lake




At Sunset Lodge, Red Lake, Ontario you know you are about to lock into some serious fishing:  Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, Lake Trout, Whitefish, and Perch on 28 miles of dark stain lake in the heart of Ontario’s Sunset Country.  Red Lake is dotted with numerous islands providing excellent structure for all species. Click here for a map of Red Lake.  Sunset Lodge is centrally located on Red Lake offering you easy access to all the opportunities on the lake.  Boaters can access Keg Lake, Gullrock Lake, Ranger Lake and Two Island Lake without portage to further your adventure.  Sunset Lodge also has a boat cache on Parker Lake, so just let us know which day you would like to explore it and we can get you set up.  Be sure to visit the photo gallery for the highlights of past fishing and hunting seasons. Guests of Sunset Lodge who are new to the lake system receive a personalized orientation to the lake where we review fishing regulations, current fishing patterns and navigation.  We are set to get you on the lake with fishing licenses, boaters cards and maps available at the office.

Sunset Lodge Trophy Policy

At Sunset Lodge we respectfully ask guests to recognize that trophy fish produce the spawn responsible for restocking the lake system.  As such, guests are to practice Catch Photo and Release on any trophy size fish that will not be mounted.  All of the fish we have shown you were released.  CPR will help to ensure great sport fishing for years to come. With this in mind, our guests set the trend.  With more people opting for conservation fishing limits, we offer free 8 day conservation fishing tag for each paying guest who registers under a Package Plan, Housekeeping Plan or Hunting Package.

Catch and Possession Limits (Area)

Walleye Northern* Lake Trout Muskie
Possession Limit Regular Licence 4 4 0 1
Conservation License 2 2 0 0
Size Limit (Trophy) Only one over 18″ Only one over 35.4″ none Minimum 36″

* none may be between 27.5 and 35.4 inches.

Fishing Licenses

To fish in Ontario, your license consists of 2 parts…. an Outdoors Card (which is the license proper) and a validation tag.  These two items are sold and priced separately.  The Outdoors Card is valid for 3 years with several options on validation tags depending on your residence.  US residents have the choice of duration (8 day or seasonal) and type (conservation or sport limits); Canadian residents have a choice of type (conservation or sport limits).

Jeff Jorgensen is a long time guest of Sunset Lodge and combines the best of both worlds; an annual vacation at Sunset Lodge and filming for Outdoor Traditions TV.Here he is teamed up with daughter Taunie and fishing partner Craig Baird.

Drone video of fishermen from Sunset Lodge fishing Red Lake.