Sunset Lodge on Red Lake




Frequently Asked Questions

Cell phones, laptops, etc?

Cell Phones: The ability of your cell phone to work depends on who your carrier is. TBayTel services the Red Lake area and you can determine if there is a roaming agreement by contacting TBayTel at their website.

Best practice: Before you leave home it is best to visit your cell phone carrier and have the proper PRL’S (tell them you are traveling to Red Lake, Ontario) and roaming installed before you leave.

We do have a Bell Canada Pay Phone on site which accepts major credit cards so this is an option if your cell phone won’t work. We also sell phone cards at the store if you choose not to use credit cards.

Laptops: We do have WiFi internet connection available.  Large downloads and the number of devices connected will slow performance so we ask that you don’t ‘camp out’ on the system.

What time is check in? Check out?

Check in is 11:00 am or later. As for check out, most of our guests have long drives home and are often up and gone before 7:00 am when the cleaning crew arrives. If you wish to check out a bit later or are flying out, please let us know so we can plan our schedule.

What do I need to bring?

We have tried to keep is simple. You will need to bring your clothes, fishing or hunting gear and groceries . We supply all the bedding, towels and kitchen linens. The towels are changed mid week, so if you like to have fresh towels more often or if you are planning to swim a lot, we recommend you bring some from home. We have 3 well stocked grocery stores and an excellent butcher shop in town to meet all your grocery needs. You will need to bring charcoal for the BBQs and many guests are now bringing outdoor fish fryers. Some travel planning tips are available at:

Do we need a fish finder?

By all means if you have access to one, bring it along. The graph will allow you to see the bottom structure and this will only enhance your fishing trip.

Can I bring my pet?

In all honesty, we have always had a difficult time this question. We know that pets are members of your family as they are members of ours. We have 2 dogs and a cat and love them dearly. But it is out of respect for our pets that we ask that your pets remain home.

What do I need to cross the border?

You will require a passport for travel across the Canada/US border. We recommend that you initiate the process of obtaining your passport now. You can remain up to date at the DHS website.

Do you have guides available?

At Sunset we are able to book a guiding service for you. We do provide an orientation session for all new guests which includes navigation, fishing patterns and boating safety and most new parties do well. Where you would want to book a guide to learn the tricks and techniques is if you have never fished walleye or northern,. The guiding services are independent of the lodge and should be booked 2 weeks in advance.

What else is there to do?

If want to take a break there are plenty of things to.
If you are a golfer, I suggest you bring your clubs.  You will be golfing the most northerly 18 hole course in Ontario.  Mens par 73; Ladies par 75. Course/slope rating; mens – 66.0/103 and womens – 70.8/113
Other attractions include the Placer Dome Recreation facility (weights, bowling lanes, swimming pool), Red Lake Recreation Centre (games, weights, exercise equipment and squash courts), Kinsmen Beach, Rahill Beach, newly built Red Lake Heritage Centre and don’t forget the downtown shops.
There are also many hiking trails and sight seeing venues – some old mines sites, West end museum and hieroglyphics among them.  Ask at the office.
The Red Lake Touring Region posts a list of upcoming events – check their site to see what’s happening:

Where do I go if I need medical help?

Red Lake has both a Medical Clinic which has a Doctor on call for non-emergency treatment and the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is staffed to treat emergencies.

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